Dress Up Your Walls With Textile & Cross Stitch Framing!

Textiles are a form of art that have been around since Adam & Eve. Fabric has been stitched into our lives in multitude of ways, clothing, tapestries, wall decorations, bedding etc. Textiles have had a cultural and family history importance in every tribe of people and time period. Just look in any museum and you'll find these rich expressive artifacts.

Many articles made of fabric have been passed down from generation to generation and all to often are improperly stuffed away in a box. Pay tribute to the custom the artical represents by protecting it and creating an elegant textile framing display. Such items that are sentimental treasures that warm your soul or put a smile on your face like baby cloths, military jackets, school sport jerseys, concert tee shirt, christening gowns, wedding veils, cool things from vacations, needle point, cross stitch framing , quilt blocks, dollies, articles from wedding dress, or a memorable pair of his and hers crazy socks worn on your first date.

Bring your items into the shop and visit with one of our friendly knowlegble designers about all the diffrent options. We will work with you to create a great design, discuss conservation practices and work within your budget.

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